Problems and Possible Solutions to Transportation Pollution

With the influx of cars in operation all over the world, pollution has become one of the major environmental concerns. And these had affected our health as well. However, there were proposed solutions that are possible to lessen the impact or effects of these pollutants on our environment and our health.

  1. The Use of Public Transportation
  2. While some people exercise their transportation freedom and dream to own and drive their own vehicles, one possible solution to lessen pollution is to adjust and use public transportation instead. However, this proposed idea is often frowned upon, yet there is something we should also change in our way of thinking or perceiving things. Here are some basic questions that may help you internalize some things:

    • Why own a car if walking only takes a few minutes for you to get to work?
    • Why drive your vehicle if you can jog to the store to buy some necessities?
    • Why drive for more than 5 or more miles if moving closer to your workplace is possible and can help you save fuel?

  3. Bike or Walk
  4. As many people are opting for more solutions to avoid the influx of cars on congested streets, biking or walking has been what other people find helpful in reaching where they want to go. Not only does it help reduce traffic and save fuel, but it also helps them get into shape. And cities have also opened lanes for bikers, which has encouraged more people to use this to reduce pollution and traffic.

  5. More Means of Public Transportation
  6. The government has also reduced the amount of traffic by opening more modes or means of public transportation, such as subways and buses. Studies find that combining the increase in public transportation with well-planned road engineering can help reduce pollution by more than 20%.

  7. Changes in Travel Routes
  8. Changing routes on your travels can also lessen the pollution your car produces. And governments had also been opting for better engineering plans on how to manage roads to help improve the routes and avoid congestion or traffic.

  9. Use of Efficient, Electric Cars
  10. This idea has already been put into action and has proven effective at some point. Though, still having both advantages and disadvantages, technological advancements have been improving and encouraging many to opt for more efficient electric cars.

  11. Change or Other Alternatives to Fuel
  12. A disadvantage of technological advancement is the increase in pollution it causes. On the other hand, people are also struggling to find alternatives to lessen the emission of these harmful pollutants. And one of the proposed ideas for this is using renewable energy, which may change the course of the future.

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